Hey ya!

I have been taking a bit of a blog/computer break, the last few days, and am finally getting back to ya'll.  Sorry 'bout the delay!

Starting Sunday we are going to be watching Seth, while his parents, and JJ and Elise go on a trip for Aunt Megan and Uncle Jonathan's Anniversary!  :) It should be fun, and we're looking forward to it.  Having a toddler in the house for three days will be different!
Saturday, we are probably going to be going ice-fishing with Dad and Grandpa, maybe some of our cousins~  :)  We weren't sure if we would be able to go, because of ordience 10-29 that was defeated...it said that descendents wouldn't be able to go on the Rez anymore. :'( It's not cool.

This is for Maria, Maddi and the other PACKER fans! CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!? GO PACK!

I am starting mwa very first "I <3 Snappin'" photo day! :)

Have a great day!!!


Bethany said...

I will say I did watch the game (save a small nap in-between, shhh!!) and it was rather interesting. Bailey and I cheered for that guy on the defense (Raji or something???) because we thought it very sawesome that he got his first (and probably last) touchdown. ;) And since Packers make you happy - I will cheer loudly for you at the superbowl - okay?

Glad that you're back to blogging. I can't wait to see you on Friday! Love you so much!

Kara said...

:) Aw, Floppeth. How sweet of you to watch games for me...

Ah yes, B.J. Raji - the interception that won the game...

Yes...I was on a bit of a break on blogging. :(

I cannot wait to see you........it's been so long since we've been able to get together and have a day to "play". I love you!

*extra big hugs*

Bethany said...

Yes, I knew it had something to do with a B. ;) Lol - actually everyone was downstairs - and because cheering has a way of rubbing off on you (when the boys went wild) us dignified ladies can't help but join in the fun. ;)

All ready for the LC? Confession. I only wrote three questions as discussion leader. So much for that. :) Any better luck with thou?

See ya tomorrow (oh, and tell Anna to do all the thinking for moi, because what I read today went over my head...I'm afraid I'll be standing there sheepishly smiling at science. :)


Kara said...

Doesn't it though? lol

Yeah, I'm ready. I read the four chapters in Island of the Blue Dolphins...a while ago and did my job too...

lol I'll have to tell her! :)

I love you!

Bekah said...

We watched the game at our grandma's house.We were soooooo excited that the Packers won.I feel bad for the Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler.The other quarterbacks are making fun of him because he sat out during the game.

Go Packers!