Questions and Answers

I liked the idea of Question and Answers, so I decided to do it. :) Sooooo, comment with any questions,  but note that no real personal questions will not be answered or published. :)


Bethany said...

You asked for it. ;)

Aprox. how high have you climbed before?

If you cutting off your pointer finger would mean that you would never get any disease, would you do it? Explain, please. ;D

Seeing that your favorite color is green, what color does not appeal to you?

State one thing that you love doing and one thing that you don't like very much - what are they?

What did you dream to be growing up?

Flip flops or sandles?

If you could make up a word, what would it be?

And that's it! See ya today!

Bailey said...

If you could rewrite the first verse of "My Favorite Things," what would it look like?

What are the benefits of watching Packer games? *wink*

Can you share how Christ saved you?

Are there any cliches you avoid like the plague?

In what is your greatest strength: music or writing? cooking or baking? sewing or crafting?

Do you care about people's opinions too much or are you pretty strong in your beliefs?

What's your favorite part of blogging? Your least favorite?

What are you thinking your life will look like the first few years after graduation?

And I'll think of more. I'm in a question-thinking mood lately. I just have geometry to conquer. :P

Bekah said...

Okay,this should be fun.

1.When you get older and your hair turns gray,will you dye it or leave it?

2.What's your favorite Bible verse?

3.Do you have a favorite girls name?Boy?

4.Other than the Bible,which book do you read the most?

5.If you were ever to become popular,what do you think you would be famous for?

6.If you were not a Packers fan who would you cheer for?

7.Do you have a favorite author?

8.Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

9.Just say you ran for president.Who would you choose as vice president?

10.Do you have a favorite audio drama?

11.What do you listen to more,the radio or cds?

12.Say your birthday was next week.What would you ask for?

13.Do you have a favorite actor?Actress?

14.What's your favorite movie?

15.What movie did you last see in theaters?

Ops,I think I had too much fun!Hope you don 't mind!