How 'bout Dem Packers?!

Yeah, I know most of my dear friends save a few don't like football, but for those of us who DO, this post is for us! :)

Can you seriously believe the Packer's are going to the SUPERBOWL!  It's totally amazing, they played great against the bears, althought the Defense did a lot of the scoring!  B.J. Raji, and the winning touchdown, that was simply amazing for him to win the game like that!

Aaron Rodgers (Maria, you'll love this part) as ya'should know played wonderfully also, except poor Aaron got banged up and injured his shoulder...that's why he wasn't playing "100%".

Like I said, isn't it awesome they are going to the SUPERBOWL?! The Packers totally deserve it and did awesome.  Whada say, Ya think we can beat the Steelers?  I think so!  People didn't think we could be the Eagles, the Bears, and such...Give me your opinions!



Bethany said...

I'm glad you're excited! ;)

Bekah said...

Ha!All of the Bears fans were shocked when we won that game.And I do agree,we deserve to win the superbowl.The Steelers were just in the superbowl before last and from what I hear,they aren't very nice in their playing.I hope Rodgers doesn't get sacked,with his sore shoulder and all.That could hurt us bad, although Matt Flynn is pretty good.I don't know about that new thirdstring quarterback,Graham Harrell.Never seen him play.All in all it will be a good game even if we don't win.I think we could live,knowing that our team is only 2nd best in the country:D
Just be thankfull we're not the Lions.:D
-Packers fan

Maria said...

YAY! Super Bowl bound at long last! Can't wait, I'm so excited! You guys should come over to watch it with us, I really wanna have a party! Go Pac Go!

Kara said...

Maria - That would be a lot of fun...except we are going to our Uncles...Sorry, but it would be awesome! :)

Isn't it sawesome we are actually going to the super-bowl?!!??!?!?!