Answers, to Your Questions.

 Bekah asked:
 1.When you get older and your hair turns gray,will you dye it or leave it? I would leave it. :)

 2.What's your favorite Bible verse? Hmmm, I would probably say....Ecclesiastes 3:1  To everything there is a season...
3.Do you have a favorite girls name?Boy? For a girls name I like Jessica (Jessi) for a boys...I like Christian.

4.Other than the Bible,which book do you read the most? I don't know, actually! I read a lot of books.  Whatever suits my fancy, or whatever book I grab off the shelf usually!

 5.If you were ever to become popular,what do you think you would be famous for? *?* Um, I dunno, probably singing. *groans*

6.If you were not a Packers fan who would you cheer for? What? ME NOT a Packer fan? Weird, but probably....the Jets...maybe...I DON'T KNOW~

 7.Do you have a favorite author? I like Louisa May Alcott, Gene Stratton-Porter

8.Who has been the biggest influence in your life? God, and probably my parents

 9.Just say you ran for president.Who would you choose as vice president? How would I know.  The person I felt was best qualified..

10.Do you have a favorite audio drama? I don't think I could have a favorite!  But I love the Lamp Lighter Audio Drama's!

11.What do you listen to more,the radio or cds? I probably listen to an equal amount of both.

12.Say your birthday was next week.What would you ask for? A lap-top...lol I would also like a ipod or ipad! :) lol I will like NEVER get those!

13.Do you have a favorite actor?Actress? I like Don Notts (is that how you spell his last name?!)

 14.What's your favorite movie? I actually, DON'T KNOW.  I like Andy Griffith...I like the Waltons.  I don't think I have a favorite!

 15.What movie did you last see in theaters? I think the last thing I saw, was like some movie on Sturgeon our  Grandma took us to...

Bailey asked:
If you could rewrite the first verse of "My Favorite Things," what would it look like? I really have NO idea.

What are the benefits of watching Packer games? *wink* You really have to experience the high-fives, the celebration, the thrill, the fright, the family time, and the anxiety of watching a packer game to enjoy a game.  

Can you share how Christ saved you? Well, in April, God had been dealing with me quite a bit, and I was "responding".  So, one morning on I think the last Friday in April I came down to mom, and she and dad talked to me, and then mom and I prayed and I was saved... 

Are there any cliches you avoid like the plague? I can't really think of any...

In what is your greatest strength: music or writing? Probably music..

cooking or baking? Baking!

sewing or crafting? I would probably say sewing, to be truthful!

 Do you care about people's opinions too much or are you pretty strong in your beliefs? I have struggled with caring about people's opinions too much, but I would say I'm pretty strong in my own beliefs.

What's your favorite part of blogging? Probably, planning out what your blog will look like, and then having it look that way.

Your least favorite? Uploading pictures.  I strongly dislike how long it takes to upload my pictures!

What are you thinking your life will look like the first few years after graduation? I think, I would probably have a job as an accountant or secretary (something I dream of doing) and living at home, still.  That's probably all..

Bethany asked:

Aprox. how high have you climbed before? I don't know...I think the highest I have climbed would be in Maria's "Climbing Tree" and that was almost to the top. - Or was the tree above the neighbor's roof higher..I don't know!

If you cutting off your pointer finger would mean that you would never get any disease, would you do it? Explain, please. ;D I would keep my finger...even if it meant getting a disease, I would at least have that pointer finger!

Seeing that your favorite color is green, what color does not appeal to you? I don't really like purple!

 State one thing that you love doing and one thing that you don't like very much - what are they? I really like accounting work. Typing in data, and that sort of thing.  I don't really like cleaning...

What did you dream to be growing up? A secretary, before I may get married, and a wife and mother. :)

Flip flops or sandles? Flip flops

If you could make up a word, what would it be? Sawesome!   Actually, I think Bailey made that one up....

Thank you for your questions! :)


Bailey said...

This was so fun!

- Stacy and I were talking about gray hairs the other day, and I decided my hair would look kind of cool with alternating silver and gold strands. :o)

- If you run for president, pick Paul Ryan as vice president. Duh. Him or Reid Ribble. I'll draw you a cowspot sign as your logo.

- You are one expensive girl, young lady! Whatever do you need an iPad for? ;o)

- YOU DON'T LIKE PURPLE???!!! Yeah, me neither.

- It was really interesting learning about your "secretarial side." I never could of guessed you'd be doing that...but hats off. That's neat. :o)

You're just plain sawesome. (And the makers of Homestar Runner gets credit for that. I just happened to revive it in our circle.)

Erin said...

*smacks forehead* Oh no, I missed it...I had even sat down to type up some questions and completely forgot somehow (not too hard a feat for me, I'm afraid). :)

Great answers though...I enjoyed reading them!

Bekah said...

I saw a sturgeon movie in the imax a few vacations ago.Weird with all that millions of years ago stuff.

I wouldn't cut off my finger either:D Yuck.

I'd cheer 4 the Bears or Saints if not the Packers.My older sister's become a Saints fan after reading Drew Brees book.