About Me

Hmmm, about me...Here's some interesting facts about me. 
I am an obsessed Packer fan!  - Just ask my friends.  I love the Packers, and talk about them like a lot, a lot! 
I am a photography-aholic.  I love photography, and hope to achieve "perfection" by learning from mwa dear Uncle Jeremy. :)

I love little children...*sighs* especially, my little cousin Maddi. (NOT MADDI STUEWER!) She's reallllyyyyyyy cute. :)

I am a home schooled 7th grader. My favorite subject is Reading, and my favorite teacher is Mrs. Lily Pyatskowit.  Our principle is Mr. Joel Pyatskowit. :)

Have a great day!!!


Maddi said...

Kara, I laughed out loud when you posted about me, but you have to admit, it would be awesome being cousins. :)

Bethany said...

((Maddi - why are you writing comments at 5:01 am?))

Kara, I think obssessed is putting it lightly. :) I've got half a mind to tie you down until Sunday (to make sure you don't get sick from worry about the S.B. :)

((that was a very sarcastic paragraph...))

Love you!