Volley Ball Fun

:D This afternoon, Anna and I went to Volleyball Fun Days, along with other girls and a few boys.

Whoever has played volleyball, or is playing it, must know how exactly fun it is. Especially if you can get a volley going and have it work.

Volleyball is awesome! It is soooooooooooo much fun.

:D Just a post on how awesome volleyball is...yaknow...kinda random...just kinda spur of the moment....

In volleyball, we were introduced to the ready positions and then scrimmage. :D We also did exercises and I think it's called a team drill.

It was fun.

Hope to see all of you girls, who play next Friday.



Bailey said...

I was gonna leave a comment on your first post about how much fun it was bumping and setting with you...and then I saw this post. Ha! Um, I need to work on my setting.

LOL -- at our church youth function, we hit the volleyball around. Because there were no pesky CEILINGS (*humph*) we got some really awesome volleys going. And there was this one time when I dove for the ball, landed on my feet tripping and finally gave up and sprawled. THAT was fun.

I felt professional.

p.s. Why must I always leave such long comments?

p.p.s. Love you!

Bethany said...

I *love* volleyball!

Kara said...

Isn't it sooooo fun? Ah, it's nice to play without worry of ceilings and getting caught in the rafters. We went over to the middleschool or elemetry school and hit it around/over the net. Fun... - Except we only had four players=kinda difficult!

Floppy, I also "LoVe" volleyball!

Bekah said...

Ummm...I... don't actually play volleyball:C I have not so good wrists