We got a new computer... I think in September, because or old one was in the process or did crash. :( So, we bought a new one...sensible thing to do. :D So...we got this computer, and were all excited about the things we would be able to do. Sadly, we still couldn't upload pictures, or edit our design on blogger...:( Which we were hoping to do.

I asked a woman who is rather good with computer if she knew what was wrong, and if she could take a look. She looked..and tried...and tried..and tried somemore...but still couldn't figure it out. She thought it was Java but couldn't repair it. She said, if she came across something to help, she would tell us.

One of the guys, or girls mom talked to, thought our brand, new, computer was junk...it couldn't be, we had just bought it..."more confuzzledness"...

Lately, our NEW computer, has been acting up. :(( All this blah, blah, blah stuff...Mom has been making calls, trying things, been given instructins, called some more, etc. But today, after what probably seemed to her, a million calls...They figured it out!

One of the many people mom talked to, came up with the idea, that they should take all the programs off and start over...and it actually worked! I can now, edit the design, and upload pictures onto blogger!!!

So, that is how our computer now works!

:D Kara


Bailey said...

LOL! Now, was this a NEW new computer? As in new to you but not new to the world?


Oh, we got a new computer (the brain, not the screen) PLUS a new Windows program. The email is really neat. But my dear Spirey wasn't included on the upgrade. ;o) (Do you think, maybe, that computers conspire together to shut down? Hmmm.)

Bethany said...


Kara said...

Bayleaf, we got the computer in September...It's an Asus! Um, so it was new to us...It's also Windows7 so a newer brand, I think...

:D Lol

Floppy, I know! Yayayayay!

Love you!!!