Today...a nice day....:) Tonight is the Spelling Bee! I'm rawther excited. I did okay last year, but would prefer to do MUCH better.

School is going along...nicely, if you would like to say that. I'm just ready for it to be over.  I think I should get done with most of my subjects end of April or Early May. But, that's my estimating, I think Math might go to like the middle of May. I dunno. :)

Tomorrow, we are going to my Pyatskowit Grandparents, for Nannie is having "Bird Night" for all her dear grandkids. :)  It's a "easter candy galore". Seriously, candy is handed out after practically EVERY statement. It's very bad for the health...:)

I wrote a report. Sortof interesting, it was on Bird Migration. Also to be included in the Bird Night.....

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