Birthday cake, *check* Gift and Card *check* All Ready!

:)  From the title, you will surely began to think it's someone's birthday.  You're correct! :)  Can you take a guess at who's birthday?!  You're apsolutely correct, my dear, mother! :)  I'm so thankful, that God "gave" me her, a friend, counselor, parent, coach, and "encourager".  She's the sawesomest mom in the wide world!  :)

Yesterday evening, we had Ginger-Soy Marinaded Tenderloin, and for her cake we had German Chocolate Cake.  Then we kinda relaxed and had Apple Cider, and she opened her "many" presents. :)

This afternoon, we are going to Open Skate with our Uncle and Aunt and their family, and then going to their house for supper.
Happy Birthday Mom!


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Mrs. P! And thanks again for the delicious dinner we had on Friday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kara,

Thank you very much for this lovely post. You are such a sweet, kind, and considerate young lady. I'm so thankful God blessed our family with you. (How on earth would we ever get things accomplished at lightning speed without you?!)

My birthday was very special due to all of your hard work, baking & cleaning. I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bethany! You are always welcome to share dinner with us. ;)