I thought I would post some pictures of the little dear that I took last summer...I think. :)


Erin said...

Ohhhh, she's so cute and pretty...have you ever been told that she looks like you? *nods* She does!

Love the photos!

Sarah Grace said...

Awwww ... Cute !

Nice pics :)

BTW , great job at practice !

Love you lots !

Bethany said...

I really like the last photo!

It was great seeing you last night. ;) Go us (our team. :)

Kara said...

:) I know isn't she so cute!? Erin - Yup, I think I've been told I look like her!

Sarah and Flop, Thanks! *groans* I really need work on my serve. (spelling?!) BUT, our ball is like flat. :(( So, I'm probably going to the neighbors soon...

Sarah, you were the awesomest coach!

Anna said...

CUTE! I agree, you two look like sisters. Twins - if it weren't for your ages. :)

I really like that last picture, but they're all pretty cool!