Sledding ~

On...the Saturday before the holidays, Maria, Krista and Peter Fuller went sledding with us at Maple Hills. :) We also went on Wednesday the day after my birthday, with the Fullers AND the Bergmanns. :) It was so much fun! Oh boy, do they have some wicked jumps, ramps, and dropoffs! :) Lot's o' fun, - Unless, you don't like pain, and getting bruised bones. :) Just kidding, it's not that bad...Is it? Here are some pictures:

It was fun!

I wanted to upload more pics. but it wouldn't let me...I also don't have pictures of sledding with the Bergmanns, cause I didn't take the camera. :((


Bethany said...

Which is a rather good thing...my lovely bruised self would've been hideous on the camera. :)

That was so much fun. Minus the pain of course. :D

Maria said...

That was so much fun! We look kinda cold, wouldn't you say!