I started my day with a  cappuccino from the gas station. It was really good. A French Vanilla Cappuccino really makes one's day. I LOVE COFFEE!


P.s. Sorry there's not more pics. I will try to post later with more... :P


Bailey said...

Out of the one million pics you snapped there's only TWO and I'm not in EITHER of them???

More, please! More!


(I think I've seen that Clintonville gas station mug design everywhere, lately. :o))

Kara said...

I'm SORRY, Bailey! But, it was a "post or not to post" situation. lol

Well, of course I will probably put more pictures up! :)

lol Yup! Have you ever had a Cappuccino? They're fabulous!

Bethany said...

Ack - do I look weird or what? :) Ahh - good times. ;)

Bailey said...

Two things restrain me from having a cappuccino: my mother and my taste buds.

I stick by the old wives' tale that coffee stunts one's growth, and there are some days I want to be tall.

Hold it. It was either coffee or stalactytes....can't remember.