Random Update on Me and Mine

Hello everyone,

How art all of you? I should hope you all are in good health, and are feeling very wise. :D lol jk.

Hm, what's been going on lately in mwa life. I suppose some of you would be quite interested wouldn't you...Well, then I shall tell you!

Well, Tuesday was Isaac's birthday, as you may know from the post I posted. He turned nine, believe it or not, and now has some new toys to play with. :)

Thursday, Mom, Anna, Becca and I went to the Life of Faith Civil War Teaparty. I went earlier at around 9:30 to help the girls get everything ready and situated, which was quite fun, since I knew like all the girls there!  I will have pictures shortly.

This coming Tuesday is my birthday. Yes, yes, it's my birthday. Turning twelve. Joyous. Interesting. Fun. I'm going to have Bethany, Hannah, Maria, and Krista, so we should have a lot of fun. :D

Is there anything happening with you all?



Bethany said...

Can't wait to come to your b-day! And we get to see Maria and Krista *squeals* :) It's okay - I'm okay...I just had applejuice - and you remember that conversation, do you not? :)


Kara said...

Yup! It should be lot's 'o fun!!! I just saw Maria and Krista today, we went sledding with them! :)

Hmmm? Oh. I don't think so! Love you! See ya Tuesday!

Anna said...

I'm excited for Tuesday... and about spending another wondrous year with you. :) I love you so much Kara.

Anna said...

Flop, what's this about applejuice?

Maria said...

See you tomorrow! Can't wait!