A Typical School Day

Today was just a regular school day for me...maybe faster, maybe not. :D But, it was nice getting done!

Anna and I might have ridden our bikes to the library today. -  I tried to convince her to go... ;P  ((impatient sigh)) :D She wants me to move the hill...:P
How has your day been?

Well, my latest sewing project hasn't been going well, or at least well....I was making this nightgown for Becca, her birthday is on Thursday. :)  I finnaalllyyyy got the pattern and cloth cut, and guess what, the nightgown fits MEEEEEEEE. :'(( Noooooooo.  Mum suggests that I keep that for myself, and make another one for her. I will have to get busy, her birthday is like two days away. *sigh* So, I cut out another one...I still have a little bit left.

Quite interesting, eh?

Welllll, I am going to finish this here post.



Bethany said...

Do not dream of asking me to help - after the dress day...lets not even go into that again. ;)

Bailey said...

Uh oh. Whenever I sew something, it ends up too small. So maybe making it too large shows a higher intelligence? Dunno.

Kara said...

:D Ahhh, that day. Bethany would be calmly designing her project and she would here a moan "Fllllloooppppp, I need help..." :D Your a wondrous seamstress darling!

Bailey, maybe you're right. I ended up having to cut out a differnt pattern..Actually I still have to cut out FIVE collors for it. :((