Mary Poppins!

Have any of you read Mary Poppins? If you have you have realized the book is MUCH, I mean MUCH, different from the movie!  She is rather grumpy,quite vain, and very prim.  But, it is a really fun book!  I would advise you to read it. Mary Poppins Revised Edition by P.L. Travers. I really enjoyed it, actually I still do!

I think my favorite part is when Mary P, Jane, and Micheal go to visit Mary Poppin's Uncle, Mr. Wigg, and find him full of laughing gas, in the air. :D I will write some of the chapter, for you to read.

"Well, this is indeed a pleasure," a huge voice greeted them, and Jane and Michael looked round for its owner. He was nowhere to be seen. The room appeared to be quite empty. Then they heard Mary Poppins say crossly "Oh, Uncle Albert, not AGAIN. It's not your birthday, is it?" And as she spoke she looked up at the ceiling. Jane and Michael looked up too, and to their surprise saw a round, fat, bald man who was hanging in the air without holding on to anything. Indeed, he appeared to be sitting on the air, for his legs were crossed and he had just put down newspaper which he had been reading when they came in...(skipping some) "Oh, beg pardon, my dear. Where was I? Oh, yes. Well, the funny thing about me is-all right, Mary, I won't laugh if I can help it!-that whenever my birthday falls on Friday, well, its all up with me. Absolutely U.P., said Mr. Wigg. (skipping some) "Well, you see, if I laugh on that particular day I become so filled with laughing gas, that I simply can't keep on the ground. (skipping)

((They are trying to think of something serious so that they can get down, and have tea :))

"There was my poor old Aunt Emily," thought Mr. Wigg out loud. "She was run over by an omnibus. Sad. Very sad. Unbearably sad. Poor Aunt Emily. But they saved her umbrella. That was funny, wasn't it? And before he knew where he was, he was heaving and trembling and bursting with laughter at the thought of Aunt Emily's umbrella.

That is some of the chapter titled "Laughing Gas". lol It's a fun book!

Hope you get the book!


Bethany said...

Lol, I've never read the book - mum doesn't like us watching the movie - because of some parts...

Can't wait to see you on Friday!

Kara said...

The book is realllyy fun! Hope you can read it!

I know! I can't wait to see you and for volleyball!


Maria said...

I love that movie!! The Disney one that is with Julie Andrews. Yup I've read all 3 books! The first and second are the best. Defiantly different from the book. See ya Friday!

Kara said...

Maria. I know, isn't the book sooooo much better?! :D I can't wait to see you at volleyball too!