Random Ramblings

I don't really have anything especially important to do right now…So I could just grab a book, jump in to a comfortable position and start sipping a cup of tea...Ah, bliss, sweet bliss.

- But, I'm not...at least not at the moment.

If you were to ask why I'm not in a comfy position with a book and a cup of tea...I could say a lot of things. One, I am on here, two I am thinking, three...well...we'll just leave that at three. :D

People think like all the time. :D But, I was thinking about something exciting! People who don't find writing interesting, and absolutely abhor it would really think this is boring, except for the money. :D What then am I thinking about!? Well, there is an essay contest called Patriot's Pen. Most homeschoolers have heard about it. In the Clintonville area, they weren't even going to have the contest. But, since Mom called and asked about it, they are...thus bringing a chance for me to actually win it. :D Hopefully, there will be some people who participate.

Yeah, so I had been thinking about how and what to write the essay about...((hmmm, I wonder if all those thoughts whirling around one's head, is good for them...)) :D I was brainstorming/researching and produced three pages of information I could write about.

- Bayleaf, you are the one who enjoys all of this stuff, right?

Actually, it's not too bad. I probably even thought it fun! The joys of writing an essay. :D

I know this is rather off subject. But has anybody thought of what they could get if they win...I was thinking of a laptop or an iPod. That's what I would like.

NOW do you all realize why I have titled this post, "Random Ramblings" It's all kind of thrown together, in a blurb...?

Yeah, so...mmmhhhmmmm...


I think this is enough for one post!

Signing Off,



Bailey said...

LOL! Yup, I'm a patriotic contest junkie. Just printed out a copy of my latest speech...and I have some polishing, clarifying and general tidying up to do.

Next Up: about four or five mini speeches plus a hunkin' ten minute speech. Due January.


Have fun, Pip! I'm sure you'd do wonderful even if you weren't the only entrant in the contest. *HUG*

Kara said...

:D It's fun to prepare, and research...If you are in the right "mood".

Ugh! That is a lot of speaches for you, to write!

Thank'ee moidear!

Twas a wondrous time tonight! Thanks for having us!


Anonymous said...

Go for it, Kara
Who knows you just might win...sure hope so. love ya! Mamaw Skaggs