A Four Year Olds View...

A four yr. old's views on marriage...last night Becca started a conversation that went to the likes of this:
Becca = B
Me = M
B: "Guess Who's Married!"
M: "Who?"
B: "Michael!"
M: "Michael Vick?!"
B: "Is Michael Vick a Christian?"
M: "Um, I don't think so."
B: "I mean Michael Booth."
M: *chuckle*
B: "I'm gonna ask him if he's married!"
Yeah, that's how my sister thinks about marriage.. lol. 'least that's how it sounds like she thinks about marriage! Lol, little sisters!


Katie said...

You can tell Bekah Micheal Booth IS married. Wait, did she get the names mixed up when she said -or did YOU say Micheal Vick? 'Cause Micheal Booth's wife's name is Vicki. They have three boys (poor Mrs. Booth...kidding.). Christian is...thirteen or fourteen. I found that interesting since Christian B. is thirteen, too. Jonathon is the second oldest... don't ask me how old he is. Austin is the baby. He's around...two or three????

Sorry, I just wanted to share that with you. I am big fan of Southern Gospel and know a lot about the people and their families. (No boasting, really. I'm just pleased that I am good at SOMETHING. Like names. If I meet someone once, I remember their names.)Oh, yeah, anyway.

Bekah said...

Thinking about Micheal and Vicki Booth.
Your sister is so cute.:D

Kara said...

Katie, yeah. Michael Booth IS married. Ah, fouryearolds. Oh, I didn't take it as boasting!

:D Thanks for commenting Bekah, and Katie!


Maria said...

That's funny. I know I was like that a child too. Getting married didn't make since to me!

Kara said...

Maria, lol Ikr?

See ya tomorrow!


Anna said...

:D Yeah...she also asked me "who I loved." I replied "Well, Isaac, Dad..." she retorted: "Anna, someone who isn't your brother." (?)