Ah, today school for me took quite a while.. 'til just a while after Dad got home. You see, yesterday we didnt' do school - Dad being home and all so we had TWO 2 days of school to do...today. So, it took a while.

- But guess what! I only have Write Shop and Computer Class sort of things left!! Aren't ya'll proud?!

Write shop actually isn't incredibaly bad after all! It's actually more fun than Writing Strands...The difference in Writing!

Kara :D


Bethany said...

LOL, I don't know. I wasn't very fond of WriteShop. Not because it was hard, it was just boring! Writing Strands?? *faints*

Sarah said...

Is Writing Strands all that bad ???? Lol ! You're getting me nervous ! I have to do that this year !

Good post ! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Im sure it will not take you that long to get your work done, after you get used to all your subjects. You're going to have a wonderful year. Remember, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Love ya!! Mamaw