Labor Day

As y'all know yesterday was Labor Day. :D

Yesterday, I woke up and was thinking about the answers I would put for the "Tag" thing that is going around on the blogs. After I got up I went and started to write down my answers and then post them....

It was a rather lazy morning, complete with French Toast and Hot Chocolate for breakfast. :) We worked on our morning chores and proceeded to do the extra things assigned to us, and I read.

Later Dad called me to get a bottle of Tylenol/aspirin out of the van. - You see, somehow a while back a bottle of that got stuck in the back of a compartment in the van..we didn't know how to get it out. But, while he was cleaning out the van; Dad found a small opening in the side of that compartment just the size for a small hand ....I was thought of and called. And TAH-DAH! A bottle of pain reliever! A great deed accomplished! :D Joking...sort of!

A couple came over for a while and talked. While waiting for them to leave, I cleaned out the fire pit and got wood, paper sticks, matches for starting the fire we would have that night. It was ready and Dad came out to start it...then he went out to finish some of the van...

Meanwhile, the neighbor girls had been asking if they could come over...they could so they stayed until we were going to eat.

We had a supper of a wiener roast, and smores... :D MMMMMM...then after a awhile it started to rain. :(( Not so nice, we took everything in and that was the end of our wiener roast! Thankfully we had basically finished roasting and such..

After we cleaned up, Becca Isaac and I went out to play:

In the rain

by the campfire

It was kind of fun!!!

Just giving a bit of a post on what we did for Labor Day!!!

What did YOU do for labor day?

:D Kara


Bethany said...

LOL, I already told you what we did. ;)

Sounds like fun? And *cough* I believe you should get a medal of honor for such a honorable action!

Kara said...

:D sounds like you had fun too! Maybe I can go with you next year!

:D Indeed, for saving the princess tylenol/asprin from the dungeon! lol

Love you!

Bailey said...

French toast and hot cocoa for breakfast? That's it. I'm coming to your house.

Speaking of things stuck in vehicles, is that wash rag and two knitting needles still stuck in your daddy's truck?

Hannah said...

Ha! I still remember when we got the knitting needles and rag towel in the truck as well.
Yum! That sound delicious!
We went to the fair...but it sounds like Flop already told you...I went on the Scissler, Ferris Wheel, Pharoh's Fury, and the cliff Climber. They were alot of fun, but Pharoh's Fury is freaky, though Bethany says its not, well, that's because she went on all the REALLY scary rides like Zipper.
Pleased to see you've posted!

Hannah said...

Oh yes! Kara, you must come with us to the fair as well as Anna. That would be awesome..with all our friends go with us!!


Kara said...


Lol Yes, I think they are still in his truck!!! It WAS a brilliant plan, and they would have NEVER found it!

Mmmm, it was pretty good. C'mon right over!

Hannah- I see..sounds like you had fun!


Maria said...

What I did on Labor Day was we left Iowa. Drove for 3 hours. Then spent the day with our friends the Careys in Madison. We stayed for a party they were having too, but we had to leave early. Then we drove for another 3 hours till we got home and crashed in bed! Hey, we NEED to get together soon. Don't you think??

Rachel R said...

On Labor Day, our family was on vacation. I don't remember what we did specifically on that day. Perhaps we were swimming in the ocean, or visiting an aquarium with our cousin and his wife... not sure.
Six hours of driving, Maria? Then you would have loved going on vacation with us! Thirteen hours of driving, right in a row... over fifty- five hours altogether, the entire ten days. And our friendly GPS, Lady Garmin, didn't really help us get to our destination any sooner. Ever had a GPS ? Then you know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

...Laboured all day!!! Mamaw