An interveiw With Becca

So, I decided I would interview Becca on a few things. Here it is!

M: Me

B: Becca

1. M: What is your favorite color?

B:Purple...no green!

2. M: Whats your favorite food?

B: Macaroni and Cheese!

3. M:Whats your favorite subject in school?

B: Uhhhmmmm, Math

4 M:Who's your favorite Sister...oldest sister? B:

Kara...I mean Anna! :(((

5. M: What's your favorite game?

B: Uhhhhh, by the hole...that game

6. M:Do You like to clean?


7. M: What's your favorite thing to do?

B: Um...ride my bike

8. M: What would you do to make someones day better?

B: Um...play with them!

9. M:Whats your favorite book?

B: How To Make An Apple Pie, And See The World

M: -Why?

B: It's because, um she's makin' an apple pie and she sees the world, all the states of the world.

10. M:What's your favorite desert?

B: My favorite desert? Let's see....um...Clara's No bake Bars...

11. M: What's Your Favorite Flower?

B: Dandelion!

M:(Dandelion is a weed, not a flower!)


(Anna says, bachelor buttons?!)

B:bachelour buttons

12: M: What's Your Favorite Song?

B: Um Lemme think...um the Booth Brothers...

m: (something like: that's not a song! )

B: Points out window! THERE'S DADDY!

That was the end of our interview until I was writing this all up, and didn't write the question, and didn't know what her answer was for! So, we made a new one...but it was interesting!!!

Have a fun rest of the week!!!



Bailey said...

...all the states of the world. LOL!

I think somebody needs Charm's Department of Diction to chase away the ums.


Bethany said...

Lol, don't ever trust them when little siblings say they like the other better. The next day your there favorite and after that it's the next sister... ;)

Becca is so cute! Her answers were hilarious.



Bethany said...

*cough* You're. You're. As in you are...

Kara said...

Bayleaf - I know, isn't it cute!

Yeah, she used "um, or uh" inj like every answer!

Bethany, :) Right...

Anonymous said...

Becca is a very interesting person to interview. To bad daddy got home and broke it all up. Very good Kara. Love ya Mamaw