freezing mornings = heart warming actions

Wisconsin has been f r e e z i n g lately. . .to the tune of  35 degrees below zero kind of freezing! I've also been getting up at 6:15, heading out the door at 6:20 and driving for fifteen minutes to my few-week(s)-long job.
On a typical morning, if you were to see me driving down the road on the afore mentioned errand, you would think that I drive like an old lady. Not driving like an old lady, but like an old lady in the fact that I'm always sitting hunched over, shivering, and trying to drive holding onto the steering wheel with as few fingers as possible. (A simple solution to this problem would be to start the car 10 minutes earlier than I would depart, but I don't want to get up an earlier than necessary just to let the vehicle run. . .)
Wednesday I began my typical routine:
1. get up.
2. get dressed (in as many layers as comfortably possible)
3. see if there's coffee
4. put on my coat, grab my keys
5. start the car and leave.
However, at the end of the third step, I encountered a problem. The keys were gone. Not in my pocket, not hanging with the other keys, but g o n e. While this could be viewed as a potentially ginormous problem, there was already found a solution to it:
Dad, who was up much earlier than I, started the car for me so that it would be warm.
Maybe because he's seen me looking like the abominable snowman on my way out the door, maybe because he's seen me sitting behind the steering wheel like an old lady. . .maybe, maybe, maybe. . .but in the end, I know that it's because that's just who. Dad. is.
Isn't he the sweetest?


Zipporah A said...

Aww that's sweet of him. Dads are the best!

Bethany B said...

Oh, dads. :)
This was so sweet!