hello, spring!

my view after I finish a post-run stretching routine. (THERE ARE BUDS ON THE TREESS!!!!!)

I've made a L O T of THESE paleo chocolate muffins for the kiddos. :)

the   //i n s p i r a t i o n a l   s t a t i o n\\ above my calendar

Sunday dinner guests call for crescent rolls, right? (Even if I don't eat them, they're fun to make!)

Um, y e a h. I have the most ridiculous runners sock tan line. . .and it's only MARCH!

I love my Believe Training Journal from Lauren Fleshman! Super inspiring and it has a really neat design! 

NEW KICKS! I really like the Nike Revolution 2's, so I decided to get them again - only in black/neon/pink this time!

it's S P R I N G!

Hey there! Happy 2nd day of spring to you all!

The weather has warmed up (although this weekend it's gotten a little bit chillier, but 30's are better than 10 degrees, hey?) and it's been great running weather. :) I've found that your body definitely has to readjust to the warmer temperatures, especially after running in -0 - 10 degree weather two weeks before. ;)Winter Running Club ended, but now I'm training with the CHS Track Team and really enjoying it. I completed my first track workout(s) and temp runs this week, and found them challenging but not "i-don't-want-to-do-this-ever-again!". :) It's been warm and dry enough that we have been able to take core-work and stretching outside, so that's been a pleasant change! 

We did 400meter repeats x7 on Tuesday, and I was able to complete each of them in about 1:20 minutes. (My longest time was 1:24). The tempo run was 5.1 miles, and the 2.2. miles we tempo'd, I ran with Jessica, and we led the way with 6:45, and 6:49 minute miles. I found the last .2 miles of the tempoing to be pretty challenging, and I wasn't happy with my endurance. . .but it all comes with time.:) I've also incorporated lifting into my fitness routine, and am already seeing changes. 

I bought a Believe Training Journal  and as I mentioned before, I LOVE IT! :) It includes workouts, tips, and all kinds of other good stuff! It makes working out/running even more fun when you know you can record it all in your super cute, handy-dandy training journal!

I'm working on finishing up school. . .by my calculations, I should finish around the first week of April (!!!) so I'm pretty excited about that.:) The warmer weather has me doubling up on a few subjects, and so that's helped a lot. :)

That was probably a really boring update. . .but. . .that I S what's going on  right now. :)

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