life, as of the present | 2.15

Life right now is:
+Running. As of today, I have 29.8 miles for the week - and there are still three  days left! Winter Running Club has  been lots of fun, and I'm enjoying running with other people. . .aside from me, myself, and I. Although I still do a lot of the latter!
+Food. (that goes with running, obvs!) Paleo "Granola", breakfast for the sibs, and whatever else I feel like making. . .
+Getting up at 6:15 AM to take care of a friend's home while they're away.
+Reading about the Cardiovascular system from the Apologia textbook. :)
+. . .and getting to do "coloring book exercises" for the above, in Kaplan's Anatoma C.B.
+Being accepted into a college! (Ok, ok! I'm taking a program at the Tech College about 40 minutes away. . .despite the fact that there are only two classes, I figured it would interesting to tell people I was accepted into a college. ;)
+ Seeing the sunrise while I drive to work.
+The sister's boy. :)
+All in all: amazing.

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