the ACT | how i took [another] standardized test, and survived

the best post ACT relaxing. . .

Standardized tests. Dubbed the homeschooling student's  "nightmare",  the ACT, SAT and PSAT wreak havoc on student's thinking and sleep patterns before they take said test.

Just kidding. That's not the case at all - at least from my experience(s)!

I took the ACT today, obviously, and here's what I came away with. 

--> First of all: Standardized tests are nothing to be afraid of. (As mentioned above!)

--> Do borrow a ACT prep book from the library (I like Kaplan's version)

--> Do lay out your admission ticket, calculator, pencils etc. the night before. When you're getting up "early" to take a test, the last thing you want to do is run around looking for x, y, or z. (You'll do the latter on the Math section of the test. . . .)

--> Do eat a protein packed breakfast. (Spinach-Scrambled eggs did the trick for me! ;) Protein is "brain food", so you'll want to consume the necessary fuel to get you through 4 hours of testing.

--> Do not stress out. Do your best with the prep and during the test and forget. the. rest. 

--> Do pack a Lara Bar for the 10 minute break time; you'll be starving. 

--> Do not feel like an idiot by looking at the charts of rooms for the students, and missing the sign that said "ACT PLUS WRITING" and asking the aid where you need to go. . .;)

--> Do r.e.l.a.x. after the test. It's over! You studied, did your best and now you're done! Don't give yourself a hard time because "you should have done better". 

-->Do go to the coffee shop and get a 16 oz. cup of hazelnut coffee + a shot of espresso! ;)

I had a rather un-exciting ACT test taking. . .which is good, of course. I didn't get lost to or in the school, I didn't forget how to spell my name, or how to write in cursive (uh, I might have done the latter on the PSAT. . .) so there isn't anything interesting to tell, but. . .I took the ACT and now: I'm done. Hoorah for me! 


Bethany B said...

Yay for you! I'm always paranoid I'll enter the little "bubble" things wrong. ;)

Hannah Bergmann said...

Congratulations!! :) I haven't taken any tests at the high school yet, but I'm freaked out about it for next year, despite your reassuring. ;) I guess I just don't have that coolness about me...but, hey, maybe I can take it with Krista? That would be a little more calming. :D

Anna said...

So glad it's over. I was probably more worried about you being worried than you were worried.

Call it a bad habit?

Love you ;)

alycia faz said...

Hey Kara, I am going to take the ACT test too, in a couple of weeks. Thank you for the tips, I'm sure they will help a lot. :)