goodbye, january | it's cold outside!

It's February. . .the first day of this month passed by practically unbeknownst to me, as my sisters Boy was up, and we were doing all sorts of crazy "stuff."
It was pretty chilly out this morning! It was 2 degrees, but warmed up to 18 degrees (realfeel = 10 degrees PLUS a wicked, chilling wind!) when I went on my four mile run this afternoon. Brr!
ACT prep - the final week of the stuff, for me! I'm taking the ACT test on Saturday, and I'll definitely be glad to have it over with. ;) While I don't feel that I'm going to pursue college or a degree, I do want to have a good ACT score, just in case! :)
. . .and I'm SO ECXITED TO BE ALMOST DONE WITH ACT PREP! Yeah. Just thought you might want to know that. . .because, I didn't say it enough or something. ;)
My sister has "a boy". And they are the cutest couple evahhh! This weekend's visit included coffee shop visits, downhill skiing and long, long, lonnnggg, talks. ;) So excited for them as them embark on this journey!

February is the last month of practicing Haydn's Sonata in F for Solo Ensemble (or "contest'".) Contest is on the 7th of next month, with a recital the following weekend, so aside from the piece I'm playing for contest, I'm also practicing/performing multiple duets and trios.
Downhill skiing is the bomb. End of story :)
I've already begun a countdown toward the end of school. Thankfully the Economic course for the final semester(s) is much lighter than the Government course I took in the first semester, so "doubling up" when I feel like it is definitely easier!
What's going on in your February?

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Bethany B said...

ACT prep. Fun stuff (actually, it was fun. Which was weird, because it shouldn't be.) Good luck!!

(I'm just mildly dying of absolute this-is-way-too-adorable-and-exciting-I-don't-have-words. But I have keyboard I can pound in enthusiasm. afklj;asdf;lkajsdf;laskdjf;askdjfa;sdlkjf)

And please tell me you're not doing Notgrass Economics, too. You have my pity. 0_o

(so sad I missed you at Krista's party. Work schedules. . .*sad face*)