hello, twenty-fifteen! | drivers license, ACT prep etc. . .

Wow. It's a brand new year already.
I've been keeping busy. Very busy. But, things have somewhat normalized, so it's all good. ;)
1. We're finally back in the normal school routine and it feels a.m.a.z.i.ng. Again, I might be somewhat strange but, two weeks of Christmas Vaca got pretty long! I really like the structure and routine that school brings. (And of course, learning about Economics is a fascinating study!) The year seems to be moving pretty quickly already, so I'm sure that the end of the final semester will arrive in no time!
2. I took my road test to get my drivers license today! I passed - losing only one point. :) (The examiner said that I turned my signal off too soon after I changed lanes. ?!) I was surprisingly calm before and during the test, even though it was snowing profusely, very foggy and annoyingly windy. Thankfully it was chilly enough that the snow wasn't wet and slushy, which tends to make driving conditions more difficult, so that was a plus!)
3. The examiner was hysterical and he called me "we" the entire time I was there. Mom and I walked into the DMV and went to the "desk" where the examiners were sitting. He asked what we needed and mom replied that "we have a drivers road test scheduled." After hearing this, he asked who "we" was. I replied that I was taking the test and thus, that made me the "we". Sooo, whether he was calling me up for paperwork: "Here's a paper for you to sign, We!" or telling the other examiner that he was taking "we" on her test, that's what he called me. (Save one time that he forgot and called me Kara. . . haha) He was pretty entertaining, although that hilarity wasn't shared during the test, and we got a good laugh from it.
4. I'm ACT prepping! I'm taking the ACT in February, so I like to give myself a month of prep time in order to at least feel prepared. haha I want to get all the "big" school stuff done this year, my Junior year, so that my final school year will be easier in case I get a job, etc, etc. If you need me, I'll be pouring over my Kaplan College ACT prep book. ;)
5. Haydn's Sonata in F is coming only nicely! :) Gotta love it when the piece you're playing/learning sounds like it should!
Well, I'd best be off! Happy (belated) 2015!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on passing your test with only one point deducted!

Sounds like you lead a very productive life.

Maria said...

Congrats Kara dear on passing your test!! I'm so proud... I think I got five points off on my test, so I think one point off sounds fab. Cheers!


Anna said...

Plus, the added responsibility of making sure Anna doesn't skimp on meals. *glare.

Love you!