november first | life 1

Meet Anna: getting ready for work, super cute, and well, hey, there's me. Hello big sweaters and old college shirts. ;)

my "bib" wall. :) Though it be small, it'll grow.


Today is November first. Eeek, I can't believe it! It was also only 27 degrees; and yes, it was a little chilly. :)

We celebrated the first of this month in style with: coffee [lots of it!], sweaters and moccasins [for warmth!] and enjoying the sunshine. :)


Bethany B said...

HAHA! The picture of Anna getting ready and your remark about oversized college tshirts. That's so ME!!!!

I love your bib-wall! What a good idea!

Anna said...

How come you are always awaker than me in the morning... *grumpy glare.