pictures of life >>right now

the view from my bedroom window :)


what school looks like in the morning :)) ^ 

entering the VFW VOD contest

sweetest girls evah! (and hurrah for too big jackets. ;)

cross country! last meet was on Saturday (PR'd!!!) and the above is what's "in my bag".
fact: I l.o.v.e. the "blueberry muffin" Lara Bars. Oh, my word: so good!
fact 2: sock tan lines from running have never been more real for me. . .although not pictured.

lotsa piano :) Bring on Haydn's Sonata in F Major, Hob. XVI 23!

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Bethany B said...

I loved this! The moccasins. . . that's what all day 24/7 looks like for me. Fuzzy blankets and all. =)

And VOD?!? Keep me updated. ;)