Life 2 | new books, new clothes and i was offered a (legit) job





1. New clothes. Saying hello to a new black maxi skirt (so comfy!), a red fly-away cardigan and  a cute Aztec-y patterned purse. :)
--and did I mention that I love Target? :) I got two of the above mentioned clothing for $5.50 and $6!!!
2. New books. Book thrifting has once again paid off! I added the Great Cases of  Sherlock Holmes and Great American Stories in hardcover to my collection!
3. Yeah. I was offered a job. NO JOKEE!! I'm really excited, but, yeah, I don't think anyone knows that. . .the local coffee shop owner asked my sister if "she had any siblings (um, yeah, I obviously don't go to the coffee shop thhhatttt often! haha) who would be willing to fill a position". Um, yeah, I guess I could do that. . . ;)
4. We're getting ready for a trip. . .Arizona here we come!
5. I love Carmex's strawberry chapstick. :) Just sayin'. . .


Hannah Bergmann said...

New clothes are awesome. And I *love* maxi skirts!! (:

Being offered a job (especially at that coffee shop!!) must be one of the most exciting things ever!! :D Good luck!

Bethany B said...

What. YOU GETTA WORK AT A COFFEE SHOP?!?! Agh. Lucky ducky! I'm gonna come and bombard you with ridiculous orders. ^_^

And maxi skirts!?!? So comfy. Going with you on aztec stuff, too. ;) And Sherlock Holmes!!

Kara said...

@Bethany: I know I was excited! :) I talked to the owner after they offered the position and she would prefer me to be 16 (employee limits/laws are more strict for younger employees) so I'll probably "really" apply and start after my birthday.