happiness is. . .| life 3

1. new running shoes! How could life get any better? Loving Nike's Revolution 2 running shoes! :)

2. finding a gift-wrapped box on your dresser. I was a little disappointed about something and I was so surprised to find a "gift" on my dresser. Inside was a sweater that I wanted to buy and a note from my sweet sister - "Love ya! Anna" I was so surprised, and so very thankful that I have such caring siblings.

3. new gum and chapstick. Yeah, those things are just necessities. ;) With this whole "purse thing" (I never carry a purse, but we're going to AZ, so. . .) I decided that gum and a few tubes of chapstick were a must. haha

4. Running 4 miles (or 4+ like yesterday) without pain! My calves have been bothering me for a while, so for the past week or so running hasn't been that enjoyable. Tuesday was my first run that I was able to "enjoy it", and didn't experience the pain that I was previously experiencing. You definitely learn to appreciate the simple things of life!

5. October's total of 84.77 running miles! Horrah! :) I'm glad to have gotten that many in, but I would have preferred a number closer to 100. I will say that November's running mileage already has a good start!

6. Peanut butter. :) Yup, November is National Peanut Butter Lovers month. I think I might qualify. . .anyway! Grab a spoon and dig in in honor of the peanut butter lovers you know! :D


Maddi Stuewer said...

Peanut butter is wonderful! -runs to the pantry with a spoon-

And oh, my goodness! Congratulations on almost 85 MILES! That's amazing! I definitely don't have the persistence that you do!!

Anna said...

AWwww....so glad you liked it! I was hoping you didn't catch on BEFORE I left the house. :P

That quote is hilarious, btw.