"Sucre et la Sarriette" a foodie blog

Hey, all! I've created a new blog called "Sucre et la Sarriette" which in French means: sweet and savory. The blog will feature healthy and sugar-free recipes. Or, just cooking tips and such. :) Please hop on over and look at it!  Click HERE


Bethany Grace said...

Where is the link? ;) I had a feeling it would come to this! I will definitely follow your amazing recipes!!

Zoƫ said...


Kara said...

@ Bethany...whoops, sorry! Obviously forgot about putting a *smacks head* link.

You can NOW visit it. >;)

AnneKatherine said...

I just found your blog and am following it via gfc. I love your design. I also blog about healthy food though, so I'll hop on over to that blog. :)

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