Thrifty Finds

Today, I found the *perfect* shirt and "tote bag" that matches, and goes with it. It's a beautiful sage green with a ruffly neckline, and me loves it. :D

Shirt: Goodwill
       Skirt: Consign Shop
Bag: Goodwill
   Shoes: Goodwill :)

(looks like a cheap outfit, huh?)


The Sanger Family said...

I love thrifty shopping!!! :)


Bethany Grace said...

Hmmm...methinks I'm going to bring you a long whenever I go goodwill shopping. I never seem to find anything. Worth buying, that is. :D

I love the tote!

Hannah said...


Bailey said...

Cuteness! Can't go wrong with ruffles.

Anna said...

I like the colors...and thrifty shopping. :)