a weekend in the making

She sat at her kitchen table...the surface before her was piled with notebooks, food magazines, and lists to be made.

She leaned back, pulling the elastic out of the messy ponytail, and let her hair swish to its' full length. Running her fingers through her brown locks, she breathed in the smell of lilacs and summery flowers, and enjoying Pride and Prejudices' sound tracks.
Glancing back at her half-completed "menu" for the weekend ahead,  she looked at the contents...

//  Breakfast  (in car)//
Egg, Sausage McMuffins
Cheese Sticks
Water Bottles

Okay, 'we'll be making everything homemade' so we'll have to be sure to get it all done on....' she paused there, for a moment,  thinking of the schedule of the weekend, 'on Friday'. Again, she wrote on her piece of paper.

Soon, she finished the list, the menu, the plans. All that was left was cooking for and anticipating the weekend...


Bethany Grace said...

You're way too organized. ;) But sounds great...I think I just might sneak into your car!!

Kara said...

Do! It'd be lots of fun! ;)

Anna said...

Awesome post, Karie. :) It was so nicely/dreamily/capturingwhatourhouselookslikely worded. :D

Zoƫ said...

Neat! Have a great time ;)