On a cold, windy Saturday, my Dad, two youngest siblings  and I went ice-fishing! We went to Legend Lake, and although we didn't catch any pan-fish (we did have a few flags, though) had fun.

Uncle Jonathan and I went looking for muskrats (seeing he traps them) for a while, then I got to drive his truck back to our "fishing location". :D

^ Bait fish

Miss Rebecca "jigging"


Mikailah said...

Wow!! Looks like fun!! And really cold... brrrr. Did you catch any fish??? :)



Anonymous said...

Fun and Cool!!! :)

Bethany Grace said...

Wow. That looks cold and dangerous. I didn't realize the hole was so big. Ahhhh...you should think I shouldn't be so ignorant, since there's countless people fishing a few yards away from our house. :) Thank'ee, but I prefer to keep away from fishing, ice or no.

Neat pictures though! I can pretend (if someday I have the urge) that I went ice fishing with Becca. ;D

Kara said...

@ Mikaihlah, no...not that time. But it was pretty fun anyway! We went icefishing this last Saturday and our family caught four northerns!

@ Bethany, why not?!