--○ Standing Tall ○--

I really like this song that the Booth Brothers sing called Standing Tall. I think this song fits my Dad. Even though some of the things he's gone through have been hard, but he's still standing tall.

---○It’s hard to watch a good friend going through a time so tough
But I’ve seen the way you take the heat and never do give up
It seems unfair that most folks just aren’t trying to live by faith
But I think back to years ago when I heard my grandpa say

Thunder shakes the mountainside but it seems to me
When lightning strikes somehow it always finds the tallest tree
I look at what you’re facing and think maybe after all
The only thing that you’ve been guilty of
Is standing tall

Let the hurt keep you humble, let it make you look inside
Let it keep you on your knees searching for a reason why
I may not have the answers but I’ve seen this before
Sometimes the faithful ones are called to bear a little more○---


Serenity said...

Thanks for the comment! :) U R 2 sweet! :) Are you kidding me???...I'm jealous of you because I think you're so pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Love how you love Dad! You are a wonderful daughter and we are very proud of you!

Anna said...

It does fit Dad pretty well, doesn't it. The words are beautiful...

Bekah said...

Love that song ,too.
Did you guys get tickets to the Booth Brothers Christmas concert?

Anonymous said...

That song makes you know you can climb the mountain, because the God who lives in you is taller than the tallest mountain, and you can do all things through HIM!

Kara said...

@ Bekah, no...Maybe we will, yet! :D That'd be so fun.