It's...An (UPDATE)

Hello, my fellow bloggers!!!

How have you been fairing in this fine month of October?!  I've been okay, although I had been fighting a cold, very annoying.  But, yes, I've been pretty good!

On Sunday, we went to Haymen Falls for a picnic after church.  Dad came up with that bRiLlIaNt idear...It was a LOT of fun.  Haymen Falls is surrounded by trees, has a park, and beautiful rapids.

Brother Dale and his wife, Sister Joanne came for Special Services this past weekend (10/2/11).  Actually, they came on Friday, and stayed until Tuesday, but the service was on Sunday...Duh. On Saturday morning, we went to Mares Pumpkin Fest, and watched them shoot pumpkins, and gourds out of a cannon. Very interesting, indeed!
Bro. Dale, Dad, Isaac, Aunt Cyndi, and Uncle Andy went golfing on Saturday and Mum, Anna and Becc's went to town. Me, myself, and I stayed home and later did school...

On Tuesday Aunt Megan took us to the Neville Museum to see the special display on Anne Frank.  We were going to go on Monday, but she had to work, anyhoo...We looked at some different displays, besides the Anne Frank one, which were interesting.  We then went to lunch, and did some errands around Green Bay.  Thanks for taking us, Aunt Megan!!!

Hope you enjoyed this bit of random!


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