Write-Shop Paragraph

  A Peaceful Shore

     Strolling down a sandy beach, Mom and I gaze at the rolling ocean.  Its waves gently lap the shore, creating a peaceful sound in the approaching evening.  The moist sand squishes between our toes, and imprints the motif of our feet.  The sun has begun to set, painting an even more beautiful picture of the shore. 

    Gulls cry overhead, disturbing the peace of the twilight. Their gray and white fluttering wings make a swooshing sound as they pass.   Outlined in the setting sun, dolphins leap and splash changing the rhythm of the incoming waves.  I thank God for his creation, as we walk back along the shore to our room. 

Mum wanted me to post my two paragraphs I wrote for Writshop.
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Kim Kautzer said...

What a lovely word picture, Kara. Not only is your composition descriptive, you did a great job of enhancing it with beautiful photo images. I'm impressed!

Kara said...

Thank you, Kim! I was "honored" to find your comment. Thanks for commenting!