By His Grace

It had been a kind of bad day.  I had told Becca (rather brusquely) to be quiet, been unkind, yelled at my siblings...The day had had some..issues.  Or rather, I had had some issues with that day.  I was tired. It was just...Ahhhkkk. I was downright grumpy.
If you've ever been unkind or done something you know was wrong, you will also know that after the fact you feel horrible.  You know or rather, knew that it was wrong, I shouldn't have done it.  Fact is, Christ wouldn't have done that, would He?

Although we are going to make mistakes - or rather we DO make mistakes,Christ died for those sins.  He is there for us, waiting with His arms open and  He's full of grace.

Thank you Lord, for forgiving me of all of my failing and fumbles. Give me YOUR grace, YOUR way, I want to be like you.  I want you be shining through me, to others.  Fulfil your will in me...

         For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

                          - Romans 3: 23



Anna said...

I've been thinking about this lately too... I'm glad for this post, and for you.

Bethany Grace said...

The worst thing is coming to God at the end of the day and just spilling out how you failed.

We need to remember we never let God down, because we never held him up. We do not have a High Priest who can not sympathize with our shortcomings. He was tempted in all things and overcame, and the blessed hope we have in Him covers all our mistakes.