Wedding Attire

Hello, hello!  

Well, Joel and Virginia's wedding finally came.  It brought excitement, - not only for the wedding party, and planners, but for my family (or at least two in particular) who were in need of clothes suitable for the ceremony.  

I was in need of a dress. Period.  I'd been looking online, but the definition of "modest" must have changed in the past years, and the online looking didn't work.  We stopped at Jen's Again and Again (retail store) because Mom had told me about a maroon/burgandy dress she'd seen there. When we arrived, it was still there.  I tried it on and was in. love. It was darling, the right length, and cute.  So, what else could we do but buy it!?  

Seeing that we were already planning on going to Goodwill, we went the next day to look for some of my family's attire.  While everyone went and looked at the merchandise of their interest, I went to the shoe section and began looking for a "cute, slightly heeled (because I'm a bit on the short side) shoe".  Nothing seemed to turn up until...Aha!  I found it, the "darlingest" shoe ever.  I loved them. So, we bought them!

Mom bought some cute hair clips for the occasion, and I wore one of them in the hairstyle which Charity composed.

A pearl necklace completed the "accessory department", which m'dear sister Anna, let me borrow.

Charity, a wonderful friend did my hair in a style that was really cute...and thankfully, one that I liked.  So, thank you dear, Charity!


Jenny said...

You all are great shoppers! What a lovely ensemble you've put together. = ) You look beautiful....

Bailey said...

Awww. Kara! So pretty!

Bethany Grace said...

How on earth do you seem to uncover all the beautiful stuff at goodwill? I think they purposely hide everything when we come. :)

Erin said...

You look beautiful, Kara! ^_^