Yesterday evening after supper, I went up and checked my email.  I found two emails from Capture Wisconsin.  I was happy to find that it said:

"We are happy to inform you that one (or more) of your photos has been selected for publication in the Capture Wisconsin book.  We're keeping which photos are published under wraps until the book is released, but we wanted to make sure you knew you've been selected as soon as possible."

Can you believe how happy I was?!  

So, I'm finally a PUBLISHED photographer...imagine that, a published TWELVE year old. :)))


Anna said...

I'm not suprised. You're a wonderful photographer. :)

Bailey said...

KARA! Congratulations! I am SO proud of you...livin' your dream at age twelve. Don't ever stop shooting as high as you can.

Funny...I was looking over Mom's shoulder while she browsed Facebook and saw your mom's post about having a "published photographer" in the family. I shrugged it off as an inside joke, but wow - good for you!!!

Zoë said...

btw I love your pictures!

Could you please sign right here please !!!