It's the All Perfect Dad :))

My Dad rocks. Period. :)  Of course, maybe said in different words, all girls think that! But, I can say that because he does, truely!  ;)

He has a hilariously awesome sense of humor.  --Not to mention the great smile

He is a wonderful, godly Father, who teaches us from God's word

He takes us sledding and ice-skating.  :)

 He's just what you'd call awesome.

I love you, Dad! I hope you have an AWESOME Father's Day.  --Almost as awesome as you!



Anna said...

Good post, Kara. I agree -- He's awesome! --

Bethany Grace said...

First time I have to disagree - - your Dad is amazing - - but ya'know - my daddy now...want to have a thumb war? (Rule #1 of writing Father's Day posts - all loyal daughters will disagree. :)