Iced Caramel Mochas. Love 'em.  Dad got Anna and I one of those, delicious, wondeful things after a shopping trip...Fabulous.  You seriously should try one.

(NOTE, these pictures were taken on the way home from Illinois/Milwaukee.  :) The headphones were to the DVD player!)


Bethany Grace said...

Thank goodness I had a Snapple today, else I might be very jealous of you. :)

*I ♥ that picture of you!*

Anna said...

I love those things. So much sugar.. whipped cream.. and carmel - and the ice gives it a cool twist. ;p The coffee is the only thing I'd take out. *grins*

Maria said...

Yummy! I love McCafe! Have you ever had a frappe!? Those are REALLY ymmy too!