{ She's My Best Friend }

Medium height.  Long, thick, brown hair. Beautiful. All of those things, fit the description of my best friend.   Her name?  Bethany Grace. 
((I know I posted about her on her birthday but...truth is, I love her so much, I'm gonna post again.))

I love that girl. Since the day I met her at a WRHS picnik, somethin' clicked, that made us best friends.  Through these years that I've known her, she's encouraged me, helped me, guided me, prayed for me, and most of all:  been there for me.  She's the bestest, wonderfullest, sawesomest best friend a girl could have.

And I'm thankful for you, Bethany Grace.

I love you so much!

*BTW, thanks for the sweet letter you wrote for my party!*


Bethany Grace said...

*gags* The one to the left, was that a fading smile at the sight of a camera, or was I just playing dumb? Hmmm - both perhaps?

Love you too, Pip!

Bekah said...

Love you,Bethany.You're a heaven sent friend!

Anna said...

Bethany is wonderful, I agree! :) - and I daresay her friend is an awesome girl too!