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•Favorite thing about summer? It's warm, and I can see my friends more.
•Twilight fan? Not at all.
•Favorite quote? "Only Believe, All Things are Possible, Only Believe". --?
•Best thing that has ever happened to you? When I received Jesus into my life.
•Think of every place in the world possible... which of those places would you go to? I don't know...

•Favorite food? Venison Tenderloin....MMmm.
•What type of music do you like? Christian.
•Flipflops, bare feet, heels, or flats? I love barefeet AND flipflops...
•Skirts or jeans? Skirts
•Fresh or saltwater? Fresh
•Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles
•are you a morning person or more of a night person? Morning person
•So, your best friend is talking to a new girl in school... the new girl asks who you are... what do you think your best friend says? "Oh, that's Kara. She's from ________".

•Gotta tic? ya know, biting your nails, scrunching your nose, etc? Biting my nails...
•Pen or pencil? I don't know...I use both a lot...
•Paper or plastic? Plastic...

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