An Update on Me and Mine

How are all of you blogging friends doing?!  I myself, am doing very well indeed.. : )

The most exciting thing happening this week is: the Volley-Ball Tournament!  Man, am I excited for that! : ) On Friday evening, Anna and I are going to the Bergmann's (check out Bailey and Bethany's blogs) house, and are going to be staying over night.  - Seeing that the tournament is in Madison, and we have to get up SUPER early to go. : ) I'm really excited. : )

Also this Saturday is Maddi Stuewer's birthday!  Happy Birthday Maddi!  We are going to her birthday party, on Sunday.  

On Tuesday, I made some awesome molasses cookies. *sighs heavenly* They were SOOOOOO good.  (There is a post about them!) You really should make some.  I like *l*o*v*e molasses cookies! : )

Friday...I have an eye appointment at 10:30, then Anna and Isaac have chiropracter appointments later. : )
Have a "happy" day!

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