Peace In the Shelter of His Arms

The person recording missed the first verse, but they sing this AWESOMELY! :)

When the cares of life seem more than I can handle
And clouds of doubt have settled in my soul
When everywhere I turn the storm is raging
Into the Savior’s loving arms I go

There is peace in the shelter of His arms
A refuge from the storm where I am safe from harm
Through the strongest winds and pouring rain
There’s peace in the shelter of His arms

There’s never been a moment on this journey
That I have been forsaken or alone
“Cause every time I face the unexpected
My Father gently leads through the unknown

There’s peace that passes all understanding
And peace that goes beyond all comprehending


Anna said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song!! (And I love you too!) Do you want to sing this one for church sometime?

Katie said...

I love that song, too. Both you and Anna know that Jim is my all time favorite singer (and writer, too. He did write that song, BTW). No one compares to the Booth Brothers in harmony. I've got them on my ipod. Yeah, I got the ipod for my 18th birthday. Don't ask me about ipod touches or ipads. I'd actually looked up the ipod touch, but I don't know anything about the ipad. The touch seems amazing and if I had a few hundred bucks laying around, I'd probably get it.
:-) Anyway