Heeelllllooooo, hello..Tis I, the "un-faithful blogger".  Ack, sorry for not posting for the last...3 or 4 days. Yipes, it's been a while.

I gotta question for all of you..."technical people." I am *you might say* "working" to get an ipad or ipod touch. 

I, myself  think that they are both rather "equal" .  The ipad is just larger, and maybe has a few more apps.  From what I saw from the ipod touch, they both seem to be the "same."

I'm leaning more towards getting the ipod touch, 'cause the ipad is like 3,000 more points..Wow.

If you could give me your thoughts on the differnce, I'd REALLY appreciate it. :))


Erin said...

My brother has an ipod touch and he loves it! My cousin has the ipad and it's very nice but, like you said, I think it's just bigger with a few more apps. :)

Kara said...

Thanks Erin! That's what I thought - they are basically the same..

Miss Bleah Briann said...

The ipad. Not because it's newer or more popular. But it's harder break... it has more apps... it has to be updated and re-amped less often. And maintence is cheaper. PLUS... it's easier to read on... surf the web on... and plays music just the same. :)


Kara said...

Thanks Bleah! :))