Have you EVER been so hyper...that you laugh until you cry?!

Have you every been hyper enough to laugh and laugh about something that's not very funny?!

Well, if you have you fit in right along with me...This morning Anna and I *aherm* (when we were supposed to be concentrating on doing our school, for the next two and a half days) had a debate on if you could die from a stink bomb.

*oh brother*

It was interesting.  Just ask Anna.

Here's how it went:

While sitting staring at my schedule book, I said "There was a tragic death this morning. The Marshall died.  Ya wanna know how he died?"

Anna: Half intersted "Hoooww".


*Anna looks up, amused*

*I'm laughing my head off and crying*

*I go on*

"Someone threw a stink-bomb in his car, and he died from it."

Anna: "Kara, You can't die from a stinkbomb. "

"Yeah you can! If you breath it too long, you could get intoxicated!"

Anna: "Well, there aren't any more marshals!"

"Oh yeah....Than the Officer died from a stink-bomb."

After a bit, Anna yells to mom. "MOM! CAN YOU DIE FROM A STINK BOMB?!

"Yeah...if you hold your breath long enough!"

*I look at her*

"SEE! You CAN die from a stink-bomb!"

That's not all of the "conversation/debate" but it was definitely interesting. I came up with a few more interesting stories like that! :)

Have a 'humorous" day!


jesusdied4you2 said...

Actually it's physically impossible to die from holding your breath. You will pass out then your body will start breathing again on it's own.

Bethany said...

Haha. ;) Don't know what to say to that...

Anonymous said...

moral of story: Never throw a stink bomb in a marshall's car. And, yes Kara, Ive seen my mom and my sister laugh until tears ran down their faces....and I didn't even see what was so funny. I was a little bit serious back in my younger years....much to their dismay! Keep laughin' it's good for you!! Mamaw