About Me

Bethany, is having a "challenge" if you want to call it, about telling about your self.  :) As you know, I'm doing it!

About Mwa...

(Kindof blurry photo. Sorry!)
My name is Kara Lynn, and I'm a...photo-crazy twelve-yea rold. :)

As you might know, I am like CRAZY about photography, and absolutely love to find the "beauty in little things".

Being a Born-Again Christian, I've come to place my trust, in Christ Jesus, and let my life sit in HIS hands, no matter what happens.

*gulp*  ;P I have been known to fuss with my siblings, and be uncheerful. But...There is always a second chance, and I am working on it. :)

I *love* "computery" things.  I like to type up the data, for the Church and Family records, and attempt to help someone out with  problems.  But note! I get a lot of things out of "googleing" and using the "help button!" :)

Nothing much...but a bit about me!  


Maddi said...

Just gotta say, I love, love, LOVE that first picture! You look so beautiful! :)

Bethany said...

Yay Kara - thanks for doing it. :) Loved seeing you last night (ack - we totally need to get together. :)

Love the picture of you btw. ;)

Erin said...

Your middle name is Lynn? Awesome! Mine too! (Mine just has an 'e' on the end). :) It was nice learning more about you!

Sarah Grace said...

You look very pretty in that picture :)

Love ya !

P.s. Your not the only one that uses google , and the help button . ( lol! )

Anna said...

I like you. You sound like a wonderful person. :D) I'm kidding.

I know you, obviously, and you ARE a wonderful, beautiful, Christian young Lady. I love you!

Anna said...

(And I'm so glad you're my sister. :))

Maria said...

Cute picture! Thank's so much for coming last night, that was fun!

Anonymous said...

Kara, I love every little bit about you. You do a fantastic job in your comput-e-r-y things, and your picture takin' things. Mamaw