Random Update On Me and Mine

'Ello, hello all of you!  I trust you all are doing great, and feeling healthy, wealthy and wise! lol

Hm, what's been going on? Well, at mwa house, we've been getting ready for the SACHE Homeschool Game Night that we are hosting on Friday. So yesterday and today we've been cleaning the house so we could be all ready and prepared for the big night!

Also on Friday Anna has science co-op, then we have our first ever LITERATURE CIRCLE! Coolness right!  Mrs. Fuller and Mom are the "Literature Instructers".  Anna and I are in the "older girls" group and will be reading "The Miracle Worker", the "older boys" will be reading "The Hobbit" and the younger children will be reading "The Railway Children." I myself think it will be a lot of fun!

We got like six bags of clothes from a woman we know, so I am "stocked up" on some shirts and such.  :)  That was really nice!

Nothing else has really been going on...

Have a great weekend!



Bethany said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Bailey said...

I'm joining the boys' group, even if I have read The Hobbit three times already.

Or maybe I'll just stay home and do geometry. *sigh*

See ya tomorrow!

Anna said...

Okay... see you soon! jk. :D)

Love you!